he just accepts it, not even surprised by it. must happen all the time

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Scotland by rostbiff

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I hate how your mind thinks of something really creepy and you try to act all casual about it like “haha that would be creepy if a demon came up behind me and tried to breathe on me hahahahaha” then you go and turn every single light on and call your mom.

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harry trying to copy louis

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“russian dolls are so full of themselves.”

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when my family went to disney world we went on the haunted mansion ride and this actor dressed as a skeleton came up to our cart and got right in my three year old brothers face and whispered “are you scared?” and my brother kissed him on the nose and the guy laughed so hard he had to leave

The Haunted Mansion is all robots…there are no actors, so either
1. you are lying
2: this story just got real fucking scary

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"hope" by louissa

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this is not a dog


this is a snowflake


it fell from the sky it is a piece of snow

imagenot a puppy

imagejust a snowy ball 

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